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2014 Poetry Prize Winner
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ABZ   A New Magazine of Poetry

The Reading Period for Issue Nine will be May 1 to August 1, 2015. ABZ will be published every other year.



The Eighth Issue is dedicated to the memory of Lucille Clifton. It has just been published. Thanks to all those who sent many hundreds & hundreds of poems It contains poems by Priscilla Atkins, Jan Ball, John F. Buckley, Rick Campbell, Bruce Cohen, Geraldine Connolly, Mark Defoe, Richard Hague, Lola Haskins, William Jolliff, Charles Nutter Peck, Rachael Peckham, Kenneth Pobo, Charles Rammelkamp, Daniel Saalfeld, Steve Scafidi, Ciara Shuttleworth, Red Shuttleworth, Richard Spilman, Charles Stacy, Slobodanka Strauss, Stephen Sundin, Melissa Tuckey, Mitchell Untch, and Arne Weingart





Here are three poems [each copyrighted by the respective author and not to be reproduced in any form] from Issue Eight:


The Idea Of Egypt Begins To Emerge In 1955

AD After A Field Trip To The Mummy In

The NashvilleMuseum Of Natural History


Unlike us they spoke with a foreign accent

Egyptian I guess and they didn’t live very long


or maybe they just kept shrinking like an old person

does on account of their being very extremely

wrinkled they took trinkets with them into their


burial chambers kind of like the stuff I would

pullout of my Mother’s top dresser drawer


that she always made me put back and couldn’t

for the life of her understand why I took it out

in the first place the mummy was kind of scary


the first time I saw it but by the second field trip

I was older and all and could look into the holes


where the ears eyes nose and mouth used to be

and count the threads on the dirty gray linen

that wound around the bones there wasn’t hardly


any other place to go on a field trip to except

FortNashboro which was a pretty poor excuse


for a fort which I guess is why the Cherokee

made the early Nashvillians mostly miserable

and the Upper Room which when you got there


all it was was a big wooden carving of a famous

painting of the last supper which we had every

year at my house anyway except instead of Jesus

and the disciples we had my family and my sisters’

dumb boyfriends one girl fainted the first time


we saw the mummy and lots of girls screamed

kind of like they thought they were supposed to


even though it was a museum there’s a limit to

how long you can look at a mummy though and

after about two minutes we moved on down to


the glass cases that held real Indian arrowheads

that were probably just dug up out of the ground


but which I couldn’t help hoping had been ripped

from the still-beating hearts of the coon-skinned

soldiers at FortNashboro and plunked on Jesus’


seder plate what do you think y’all get back on the bus

now would have sounded like in hieroglyphic


Arne Weingart





We Get Down on Our Knees 


The alarm and the planes

Rain clouds on the horizon where silence

moves like a cold front


Loud speakers and a service in Spanish


Watering flowers I get full inside


The car alarm begins again


Our yard is full of lead we can’t grow food there


Christ in tulips this year

knotted bulbs

pushing through all that dirt to rise


Melissa Tuckey





Thank You Lord for the Dark Ablaze

For the deer gut-busted open splayed

on the gravel margin of the highway

to remind me and to horrify which are

the same when death comes to say

anything for dying is a song the body

is learning so thank you lord for this

enduring whir of days we ride the way

a chisel carves down deep as it glides

for being is a lathe and we are the turning

curving shape of what I come to praise

so thank you Lord for the edge of light

when the day is honed and all is bright

behind the eyes just before waking for

dream is a fire we are the lake of--

dream is the spire we are the church

of-- and the days turn so fast meaning

rattles hard and nearly breaks off-- so

thank you lord for what arrives today

crashing down without a warning like

a pick-up truck on the deer this morning

or the morning light all over me while

the sun flickers churning through the trees

like a wheel splashing rays on the redbud

dappling this holy thing I stand beneath

and I stand beneath and that is all, for

green is the mind of the spring returning

and dying a song the body is learning

which I will not sing or step to although

every day—oh--that is exactly what I do.


                                    Steve Scafidi





The Seventh Issue is dedicated to the memory of Irene McKinney who was a brilliant woman but had no idea what a genius she was when she wrote poems. It contains poems by Jonathan Barrett, Kaye Bartholomew, Joe Benevento, Jane Blanchard, Juanita Brunk, Robert Cooperman, Mary Crow, Laura Michele Diener, Tom Donlon, Morgan Eklund, Alan Gann, Amanda Hempel,  J. M. Henson, Ruth Holzer, Karla Huston, Judy Ireland, William Jolliff, Kimalisa Kaczinski, Stephen Kopel, Amy Lerman, George Longenecker, R. S. Mengert, Greg Moglia, Aaron Morris, Simon Perchik, Kenneth Pobo, L. M. Sheldon, Heidi Sheridan, David Thornbrugh, James Valvis, Susanne von Rennenkampff, Laura Madeline Wiseman, and David Wyatt


The Sixth Issue is dedicated to the memory of Barry Hannah who liked to throw wild poems into his stories and novels. It contains poems by Kaye Bartholomew, Grace Bauer, Ace Boggess, Oceana Callum, Christina Cook, Wayne Dodd, Richard Hague, Paulett Hansel, Ruth Holzer, Jaimee Kuperman, Linda Parsons Marion, Renee K. Nicholson, Valerie Nieman, Mary Lou Pratt, Keith Ratzlaff, Tomaz Salamun, John Sandoval, Terese Svoboda, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Robert J. Tillett, Bruce Whiteman, Nathan Whiting, and David Wyatt.


The Fifth Issue is dedicated to the memory of James Whitehead. It contains poems by Donald Askins, Jan Ball, Laura Treacy Bentley, Charles Cantrell, Beverly Delidow, Laura Eklund, John Estes, Andrea Fekete, Marita Garin, Carrie Green, Leonore Hildrebrant, Ron Houchin, Dory Hudspeth, Kenneth Frost, Paul Lojeski, John Marvin, Mark McKain, Melva Sue Priddy, Eddy Pendarvis, Andy Roberts, Steve Scafidi, Carrie Shipers, A. E. Stringer, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, L. W. van Keuren, Randi Ward, Arne Weingart and Nancy Willard.      


The Fourth Issue is dedicated to the memory of Frank Stanford. It contains poems by Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, Mark Brazaitis, Fred Chappell, Michael Chitwood, George Eklund, Lee Erickson, Eamon Grennan, Maurice Harmon, Marc Harshman, Richard Jones, Louise McNeill, Eugenio Montejo, David Salner, Frank Stanford, Doug Van Gundy, William Kelley Woolfitt, Theodore Worozbyt, David Wyatt, and JohnYohe. 


The Third Issue appeared in 2008 was dedicated to the memory of Breece Pancake. It contains poems by Marianne Boruch, Michael Burns, Ashley Capps, Michael Catherwood, Jessica Farquhar, Diane Furtney, Cliff Fyman, Ronald Goodman, Alena Hairston, Mark Halliday, John Hoppenthaler, Fanny Howe, Dory L. Hudspeth, Sonja James, Judith Krause, Eric Pankey, James Reiss, Susanna Rich, Christine Stewart-Nuñez, Robert M. Wallace, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Matthew Wolfe, David Wyatt, and Fredrick Zydek.


The Second Issue appeared in May 2007 and was dedicated to the memory of Ronald Goodman. It contains poems by Laura Treacy Bentley, Don Boes, Ace Boggess, Grace Cavalieri, Suo-Ju Chen, Kerry Doyle, Victor Fet, Kelle Groom, Martha Deborah Hall, Elizabeth Howard, Greg Kosmicki, Janet MacFadyen, Marilyn Mascaro, Irene McKinney, Rob Merritt, P.F. Potvin, Charles Rafferty, John Richard Reed, David Reveal, Steve Scafidi, Jeffrey Skinner, Phillip Sterling, Andrea L. Watson, James Whitehead, Marianne Worthington, and David Young.


The First Issue appeared in May 2006 and was dedicated to the memory of our hero and a continual source of inspiration, Tom Andrews, il miglior fabbro.  It contains poems by Angela Ball, Anthony Butts, Geraldine Connolly, Mark Defoe, Diane Gilliam Fisher, Brendan Galvin, Ronald Goodman, John Haines, James Harms, Ron Houchin, David Huddle, Gerry Lafemina, Jeff Mann, Llewellyn McKernan, Jeredith Merrin, Matt Morris, Breece D’J Pancake, Patrick Rosal, Mary Ann Samyn, Phillip Sterling, A.E. Stringer, W.G. Webster, Arne Weignart, Miller Williams, Terri Witek, Ed Zahnhiser, and Martha Zweig.              

ABZ will now be published every other year. We want to read your best poems. We prefer interesting and exciting language. Our next reading period is from May 1 to July 1 2015.  Please send 1-6 poems typed with name and address and e-mail address on each page. If you want the poems returned, send a stamped self-addressed envelope with the correct US Postage. Except for poems from poets living outside the USA, we do not consider e-mail submissions. Poems -- if sent at other times -- can expect a quick return or a long wait time.  Send your poems during the reading period and a SASE with correct postage to ABZ PO Box 2746  Huntington WV 25727. Phone: 304.638.5701


Back Issues are available for $8.00. Subscriptions are $8.00 a year postpaid. We pay a small stipend on publication and send two copies. We do not accept electronic submissions (exceptions are made for overseas submissions and submissions from incarcerated persons).